Succeed from

the inside out

Sometimes in life we get into a comfort zone.  It is not until we step out of that comfort zone that we realize the difference can feel like leaping from living in black and white to vivid technicolor. 

Live in

Love and Light

No matter where your journey started, the best has yet to come  change is possible and you CAN live a life of peace, and deep core-level happiness. 

Maybe for the first time in your life, you will:

  Gain self-esteem and truly love yourself.

 Understand your worth and be able to give from a place of love,  

 Became “proactive” in creating your dreams.    

 Gain clarity and focus , discover a new sense of  hope. 

 You attract healthy, loving people in your life, who are worthy of your trust and affection.

 Intuitively you will make healthier choices;

·You  finally are able to play and have fun; you laugh; you delight in the divinity of life;

 You are able to become truly intimate with those worthy of our trust.

 You  can feel and express a range of emotions  

   You learn how to stand up for yourself  

  You are able to keep healthy boundaries, 

  You are able to love others and accept love in return.  

  You   treat yourself with the love, honor and respect

About my private coaching services:

  • Contact me to schedule a complimentary private coaching consultation.  This is a discovery session for us to get to know each other and mutually agree to work together.  There is absolutely no obligation.

  • Should we decide to move forward, we will discuss what day and time to chat and the frequency of coaching sessions.  

  • YOU bring the  agenda.  I am here to help you reach your goals. I actively work to provide a safe place to process thoughts and feelings.  I will help you to develop a "think tank" so that you can overcome obstacles that could get in the way of your success.  Through this process, you will notice shifts in your thinking and feeling that will result in the actions that bring you closer to the results you seek.

  •   You will likely have homework (only if you are open and willing).  Homework may be journaling, doing daily affirmations/meditations, reading, or watching a movie or video....

  • I will help keep you accountable to the goals you set, and I will be available to you between sessions via text or email.  

  •  As your private coach, I will actively coach you the way you agree to be and devote my attention to you when we are working together. 

Why online coaching is the preferred option for most coaches and clients: 

I have been blessed to collaborate with men

and women of all walks of life and from all

corners of the globe. Working with such

diversity is one of the most gratifying parts

of being a coach. 

While coaching in person does form a special bond, I have had the opportunity to build profoundly intimate rapport with people I have never even met! Without the option of online coaching, that never would have been possible.  

You may be reading this, wondering if online coaching is the right choice for you. For most people, it is! And, here's why.

1. It not always easy to find the perfect coach (for you) in your local area

One of the most significant predictors of a successful coaching relationship is having the right chemistry. The best coach for you may not be local. Why narrow your options to only coaches that are in driving distance? The best part of online coaching programs is they are so much more convenient than face to face coaching. You can have your sessions from anywhere you are. Chances are you're already super busy, and you can save a lot of time and energy not having to make special trips to your coach.   


2. You can be completely anonymous

Anytime you do something to empower yourself, you should be confident and proud. However, a lot of people still prefer to keep working with a coach confidential. Many people find it easier to open-up over the telephone vs. face to face. It is easier to share our best kept secrets with someone who has no connection to any of our local associations. Certified coaches take an oath of strict confidentiality.    


3. Many times, online coaching is more powerful.

That may sound counter-intuitive, but its more manageable for an online coach to remain unbiased and objective over the phone. The bond that is often sought after in a face to face coaching can create a slight dependency. An online coach is every bit as committed to you as they would be in person. They are available to you through text or email between sessions. 

4. It's much more cost-effective 

Online coaching limits the overhead costs for coaches, passing the savings on to you as reflected in reasonable coaching fees. The last thing you need to have prevented you from experiencing coaching is money. Online coaching is almost always more practical live coaching.

* We can discuss other options such as  Skype, Google Hangouts, or in person when available.  


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