Lose the negative self talk and everything around will automatically get better!

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Negative thoughts can become self-fulfilling prophecies: what we think about most often manifests into reality.

If you start off thinking you will fail, on some unconscious level, you have told yourself it can’t happen. As a result, you probably won’t give it your all, or you’ll make decisions that aren’t the best, but they are consistent with your negative thinking. mess up a task, the chances are that you will: you may not try hard enough to succeed, you won't attract support from other people, and you may not perceive any results as good enough.

When it comes down to it, positive, optimistic people are happier and healthier, and enjoy more success than those who think negatively. The key difference between them is how they think about and interpret the events in their life.

No one is positive all the time, but some people are definitely more optimistic than others. You know the type, the person who could look at the most amazing sunset and suddenly they fixate on one tiny piece of trash in the corner! It certainly is easier to complain than to make a conscious effort to see the upside of things.

However, there are much worse effects of chronic negative thinking than just being a drag to be around.

These are some of the many effects of negative thinking:

· Feeling down

· Losing opportunities that we didn’t even know existed

· Underlying factor in many addictions

· It decreases our physical energy

· Closing oneself down to possibilities of being happy and content

Learn some simple hacks to overcome negative thinking in this article: It’s Time to Spring Clean Your Self-Talk! Lose the negative and bring in the positive!


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