How to End Procrastination

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Be honest, are you still online reading this when an hour ago you told yourself you were just checking your Face Book page for 3 minutes? 

 Most of us think that procrastination has to do with time management.  The truth is, it has little to do with that and much to do with emotional blockages.  If you're looking to end procrastination forever, it starts with doing the "inside" work.  

The most common reasons people are habitual procrastinators are perfectionism, fear, or poorly defined goals.  The sad part is, few of us make the conscious connection between procrastination and unhappiness.  Putting off something we dread doing bring temporary relief, but it leads to even worse feelings of stress, frustration, and discontent later.


Tips on how to stop procrastination starting TODAY


  • Be honest with yourself: Stop making excuses or blaming other people.  Procrastinators are expert negotiators when it comes to making excuses and rationales not to do something.  Most of the excuses you feed yourself are lies-don’t believe them!  

  • Focus on what you can do in the next 5 minutes: Sometimes we look at the big picture and get so overwhelmed that we can’t move. Instead of focusing on the whole project, look at what you can get done NOW.   You’ll feel good and have more energy and focus to continue.   

  • Stop waiting for things to change because they rarely do: Quite honestly,  the now sucks and you don’t do anything about it, tomorrow will suck too. Thinking that  “things will be ok another lie that robs of oh happiness and productivity.    Act now and tomorrow has a chance of being what you wish today was.

  • Life is not “all or nothing”: If you are a perfectionist you probably have unrealistic standards. When bar is so high It’s all but impossible to reach the only thing there is room for is disappointment.  It is better to just start something and make a few mistakes than do nothing because you’re waiting for everything the perfect circumstances.  Most things don’t turn out exactly as you planned anyway so why wait?  

  • Don’t be a people pleaser: If you’re trying to make everyone around you happy, you’ll have little or no time or energy to do what you want for you.   Be selfish.  It’s hard to tell others no in the beginning so I suggest using that same helpful, generous compassion youre spending on them for yourself.  

  • Set SMART goals: We can’t stress enough the importance of setting goals. However, not just any old goal will nip procrastination, they must be realistic and achievable. Setting clearly defined, specific and measurable goals will give you a rational framework to utilize when you’ve successfully overcome the limiting beliefs and blockages that impede productivity.

  • You are NOT lazy: Procrastination is often confused with laziness, but they are very different. Procrastination an active choice to not act, to ignore a task that is important in favor of something more enjoyable. Laziness is an unwillingness to act.  Procrastinators often end up working harder and doing more because they are compensating for being late.    Neither are positive messages but convincing ourselves we are lazy just makes things worse and perpetuates a vicious cycle.  

  • Make problems fun and you’ll boost motivation: Unpleasant Tasks are mostly that way because of the meaning we attach to them. Instead of telling yourself you “have to” get something done, turn it around by telling yourself you “get to” do it. You don’t “have to” got to the gym (because something bad will happen if you don’t) but you “get to” go (because something good, like being capable, is going on). You don’t “have to” go to work and be miserable, you get to go to work so that you can support yourself and your family. Using this model to gain a sense of gratitude works for almost anything.

  • Lastly, just MOVE: The more time you spend thinking about why you procrastinate so much the more you are procrastinating. 


We all put off things that we really don’t want to do some of the time.   It’s when procrastination starts to create other problems and challenges in our lives that we are at a crossroads:  either find a way to make the change or endure the painful consequences.  Nothing changes overnight and while you have to make the changes yourself, you don’t have to do it alone.   If you’re interested in finding out how a coach can help you breakthrough this and other habits, I’d love to have a discovery session with you so that you can decide for yourself if coaching is right for you.  Or, if you prefer, try a coach referral service like Life Coach Library.   You’ll be matched with up to 3 coaches giving you the chance to find the right chemistry so important for success. 


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