Take your personal growth all the way and live your dreams 

As a professional life-coach, I help people get "unstuck" and pursue their hearts desires.  I specialize in helping anyone affected by addictions (personal recovery, adult children, or codependents) or dysfunctional  upbringing  breakthrough limiting beliefs and create lasting positive-change so that they may  live beyond GOOD and find GREAT!


To be truly healthy means to live to ones fullest potential. Life's challenges are unique and complex and having a private growth coach offers a fresh perspective and tools to guide you to break through limiting thresholds!

Our Mission

The mission of Healthy to the Core is to make online professional life-coaching available to help anyone trapped in unconscious negative beliefs about themselves  break free and begin to thrive! 

As an experienced online life-coach,

I use what I call

The Get "Unstuck" Formula. 

Here are the 3 key elements.

1. Information: You can't change anything if you don't know "what" it is you are trying to change right?  I will help you uncover the underlying beliefs that have kept you from reaching your full potential.  There are times that we will find beliefs that are rooted in childhood and together we can "observe" them from an adult perspective without having to "relive" or "become" them.    

2. Application:  Now that you understand some of the "core" beliefs and feelings, you can begin to change them.  We will come up with an action plan that works for you.  Having a new understanding and perspective will shift your whole outlook and change will come easier than in the past.  

3. Transformation:   When you  practice using new patterns of thinking and therefore new patterns of doing, your life will transform, because YOU have transformed.  You will ready to  dream, set stretch goals, and manifest life beyond your wildest dreams.  

This complimentary session is a free, standard 60-minute coaching session. It's important to come with an agenda or an idea for what you want to get out of coaching so you can make the most out of this first session. This offer is for first-time clients only. Limit of one free session per client.

The impact of working with a life-coach

Hi Friends, 

I'm honored you are here.  As you browse through this site you'll learn more about my story, how a coach helped me change my life, and my approach to coaching.   I want to tell you that I believe so strongly in the power of working with a coach and I know that coach may not be me.  It's ok, I'm not the best coach for everyone.   Even still, I want you to experience life coaching and suggest that if you do not find what you are looking for here, to try Life Coach Library.   Life Coach Library is a FREE coach referral service that will match you with up to 3 certified life-coaches who specialize in the area of life you are looking to improve.   The right rapport is vital to successful  coaching and you'll have the convenience of chatting with a few before deciding which one is your best coach.  It's an awesome way to try coaching RISK FREE.  But don't take my word for it, try for yourself! 




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